Wall bracket mount for izettle card reader - FREE UK DELIVERY

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This is a wall mounted point of sale bracket for the izettle card readers.

This bracket is compatible with both the v1 (the one with a blue button) and v2 (the one with a green button) devices. The bracket can be screwed to any surface, and the device slides in securely.

The charging and card ports are all accessible while the device is in the holder.

Designed and 3d printed exclusively by 3dbitz in either naturally sourced, plant based, biodegradable and compostable plastic known as PLA, or optionally PETG which has a higher temperature resistance and may be more suited to use inside a car or outdoors - this material is recyclable with normal household recycling.

This stand is not available anywhere else. Other colours are available on request - please message first if you wish to order in PETG or another colour to confirm availability and lead time.

If not specified at the time of order, a white PLA stand will be sent.

3dbitz is not associated with iZettle, this is a cost-effective, alternative, unofficial stand.

***** PLEASE NOTE: The card reader is not included, we only sell the bracket *****