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This is a lanyard neck strap holder for the izettle card reader.

This listing includes the bracket and a high-quality, safety detachable lanyard with lobster-style metal swivel clip. Perfect for street traders, stall-holders and charity collections etc.

The bracket fits the izettle v1 (the one with a blue button) and the izettle v2 (the one with a green button).

Designed and 3d printed exclusively by 3dbitz in naturally sourced, environmentally friendly, plant based, biodegradable and compostable plastic known as PLA. Other colours are available on request - please message first if you wish to order another colour to confirm availability and lead time.

3dbitz is not associated in any way with izettle, this is a cost-effective, alternative, unofficial bracket.

***** PLEASE NOTE: The card reader is NOT included, we only sell the bracket and lanyard *****