Ikea Tradfri Home Smart Lighting Double Wireless Dimmer square light switch cover - FREE UK DELIVERY

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This is a double mount for the new Ikea Tradfri square shaped Wireless Dimmer (004.684.32) which conveniently fits over the top of your existing single or double light switch. Fits standard UK width light switches with screws holes approx 60mm apart. There is a recess on the back of the cover to house the toggle switches. This cover prevents unwanted switching off, while still retaining access to the original light switch if needed.

The Tradfri dimmers (not included) are securely attached to the mount by 'clicking' the original Tradfri metal brackets (also not included) securely into the recesses on the front of the mount.

We also sell another mount with a similar design for single dimmers and also the round Tradfri Wireless Dimmers and the remote controls if you have these too.
The mount is fitted by removing the light switch screws, and re-inserting through our mount. Just in case your original screws are not long enough we include a pair of extra long 40mm screws with each mount sold.

**** Switch off the power at the distribution board before attempting to remove the screws from your light switches to fit the covers. There are live wires behind your light switches. If you are in any doubt about fitting this cover, please consult a qualified electrician. ****
**** Please note the Tradfri remotes are NOT included ****