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This is a wall mounted, secure box / enclosure for the Wisepad 3 / Stripe / Shopify card reader. This allows contactless, and chip-and-pin card payments to be taken while the card machine is securely attached to a wall.

The enclosure can be screwed to any solid surface, and the lid is secured with 2 hex screws using the provided hex key.

The charging port is accessible through the holes in the side of the enclosure - the hole can be closed off with the supplied cover if access is not required. 

The USB port can alternatively be used permanently using a right angled USB-C cable routed through the rear of the enclosure and passed through a hole in the wall.

We can supply a good quality-right angled USB cable if required for an additional £5 if ordered at the same time as the enclosure - please choose the appropriate option when ordering.

This enclosure is not available anywhere else.  Designed and 3d printed exclusively by 3dbitz in naturally sourced, plant based, biodegradable and compostable bio-plastic known as PLA.

***** PLEASE NOTE: The card reader is not included, we only sell the bracket *****