Door puller / opener hygienic hook - push, pull, twist, key and button press functions

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Here is our door opener to help you avoid contact with unhygienic surfaces, handles, switches etc. Bigger and more comfortable to use than many of the other similar items - this one includes functions for pushing and pulling door handles, turning flat knobs, turning keys, pressing buttons and switching switches.

Dimensions are approximately 132mm x 60mm x 10mm.

There is a comfy thumb rest to make it easy to use, and a wide comfy handle. There is also a hole to attach to a key ring should you wish to do this.

Made of safe and non toxic, environmentally friendly, plant-based, sustainable and compostable PLA plastic.

The device can be cleaned by wiping with most disinfectants, soaps and alcohol based cleaners, but being a thermoplastic it will not withstand very hot water or other heat-based cleaning methods.

This is our own design, 3d printed in the UK, and is not available anywhere else.